Capstone Campaign: CCNY x Division of Humanities & the Arts


Communicate the value of humanities and the arts (H&A) in order to increase enrollment
in classes within The City College of New York’s Division of the Humanities & the Arts.


“If you want to take gender studies, that’s fine, go to a private school…but I don’t want to subsidize that if that’s not going to get someone a job.”
- Former Governor Patrick McCrory, NC, 2013

“I promise you, folks can make a lot more, potentially, with skilled manufacturing or the trades than they might with an art history degree.” 
- Former President Barack Obama, 2014

50% of undergrads are unemployed, according to The Atlantic.

Consumer Facts

According to a survey distributed online and on-campus, 66% of students said job prospects upon
graduation were not good at all with those holding a Humanities degree and 77% said they were unsure
of whether or not such a degree leads to good income


H&A classes teach *soft skills, which are important tools to succeeding in the workplace.
(*Transferable skills that help people interact with one another.)

Key Fact

Although students believe that an education in H&A has limited use, research shows
that H&A is in fact valuable and that it teaches important soft skills.

What we can do

Create a communications campaign that promotes the values of H&A, and gets students to enroll in a H&A class.


Those in the H&A field often struggle to find jobs and/or well-paying jobs.


The skills taught in H&A are valuable assets that contribute to a successful career.

Target Audience

17 to 23 year olds

Undecided students and students not currently in H&A and working to middle class.


  • College students are strapped for money and time who want to graduate within 4 years

  • Motivated (and perhaps pressured by friends/family) to land a job immediately upon graduation

  • Does not believe that H&A will help them with job prospects nor boost future income, but
    acknowledges that it will help them in the short term during college career

  • Would take a course in arts and humanities if it interested them, even if it does not factor into their graduation plan

Media Consumption Patterns

Instagram - Socialization
Snapchat - Socialization
Facebook: Socialization, information, buying/selling
Twitter: News/socialization

Consumer Benefit

Students will feel confident and more competitive after taking a H&A class.

The Consumer Benefit Support: 93% of employers believe that soft skills are more important
than a student’s actual undergraduate major. According to a study done by the Association of
American Colleges and Universities (AACU), 93% of employers believe that soft skills, such as
acting as a team player, communication, problem solving, confidence, etc. are more important
than a student’s actual undergraduate major.

Target Market Incentive

To non-H&A students, the Division of Humanities and the Arts is the booster for job
opportunities that instills confident because it teaches leadership skills.

Net Takeaway

Humanities and the arts are essential to having a successful career.

Action to be Taken

Get students to enroll in a Humanities & Arts class.



Turn misconceptions about H&A on their heads
by showcasing successful Fortune 500 CEOs

with H&A degrees.





Social Media

And of course, 
the EVENT!

The purpose of this event was to have different stations showcasing different CEO's offering fun activities.
In the end, an exit survey was taken.