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Pret A Manger Mock Campaign

For MCA 376 Advertising Planning

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Known for their great ingredients, community driven, sustainable food, offers an array of unique products, and is known for their natural, health conscious brand identity.   
Weaknesses: Low awareness. Their price points are a bit higher and do not reach to a wider audience, other than the white collar office worker. Their food also does not cater to the needs of other demographics, such as it being kosher/halal.
Opportunities: There is opportunity to build awareness. With technology and going green being topics of discussions in today’s world, Pret has the chance to take advantage and develop their brand in ways that fits their brand image. 
Threats: Low-tier fast food places, such as McDonalds, Popeyes, KFC, etc., because its much more affordable and tastes good. Middle-tier fast food places, such as Chipotle, Panera Bread, or Shake Shack, because it’s of higher quality and seemingly on the gourmet side.

The Work Plan

Key Fact: Pret A Manger is perceived as a lunch time hotspot for quick grab and go meals, but only for the stereotypical white collar office worker.

A marketing communications campaign can address this by simply highlighting the fact that Pret is the tastier, healthier, and sustainable choice for all types of people.

The Communications Strategy

Reality: Affordable, tasty, all-natural. Ingredients freshly made and donated to charity by end of day and sourced from known and trusted farmers.
Perception: No difference between other competitors such as Panera, overpriced, only for middle and higher class.
Competition: All natural food for a low price, charitable food companies, organic foods (because Pret does not advertise as organic)

  • Demographics
    • Age: 25 - 55
    • Income: $30,000+
    • Occupation: White Collar/Professional
    • Education: Some College/Degree
    • Geography: Works in Manhattan and lives in the tri-state area.     
  • Psychographics
    • The target Pret consumers are achievers, who are health-conscious individuals, seeking convenience, who are on a tight schedule because they value their time and set goals for themselves.

Media Patterns: Word of Mouth, newspapers, Facebook, TV Commercials
Buying/Use Patterns: Online, shopping trips

The Competitive Consumer Benefit:  Pret A Manger gives the consumer tasty, high quality meals with a ‘feel good’ experience afterwards.
The Support: Natural food is prepped and packaged daily and always served fresh.
The Target Market Incentive Statement: To white collar workers, Pret A Manger is the lunchtime hotspot that provides tasty, natural, high quality meals with minimal wait time because it’s freshly prepped daily.
Communications Objective: Pret A Manger offers the best quality compared to its competitors, which is what people want. It's fast food but with a healthy twist.
Action to be Taken: To deploy an ad campaign that gets consumers choose Pret A Manger over its competition during their lunch break. 

Print Advertising

To emphasize how natural their ingredients are and how quick they come to your table.