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Videos I've filmed, edited, helped conceptualize and direct.


One More Dua

2nd Place Shortfilm Winner // NY MSA Showdown 2018

Theme: The Power of Hope, Finding a Better Tomorrow

Amena is a young Muslim woman facing mental health issues. She seems to have difficulty holding her relationships together and feeling content with her overall self. The stress of all of this leads her attempting to end her life, where she finds herself having flashbacks of it often. Though depressed, she tries once more to reach out to Allah to find solace and improvement in herself. Therapy was one of the solutions. A few months later, we find that Amena has in fact, significantly improved in her mood and relationships with others. She then tries to help others with their mental health as well.

#MISTalks: Organizers Edition

#MISTalks is a series driven to open up the experiences of participants of MIST NY and how it has impacted their lives. Here is the MIST NY organizer's version of #MISTalks. Enjoy. 

Islamic Awareness Week 2017 Promo Video

A way for the student body of The City College of New York to understand Muslim students on campus.